Many people will give you an excuse to be negative when circumstances in your life are negative and disheartening. The response to discouraging circumstances is not automatically a negative attitude. You don’t have to accept the excuse to be bitter. People who give you the excuse to be bitter do not believe that you deserve better or that you can be can feel, and can achieve better despite the circumstances. Excuses to be bitter limit your ability to be inspired life beyond the problem.

Soldiers suffering from PTSD have maintained a positive attitude through tough times. Have triumphed over the problems and risen out of the fire. They were driven, not by the negative circumstances, but by the positive hope each possessed. They ignored the excuse to think negatively but accepted the responsibility to move positively with determination.

You can be inspiring also. Connect deeply with your hope. Trust that you can go through the negative without being negative. Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams. Remember, a problem is a chance for you to do your best and to strengthen who you are. Tap into your greatness and your internal inspiration to succeed beyond the problem.

You are not your problems. You are not your disappointments.

The struggles you face today do not define you. What does define you is your attitude toward them.  You must approach problems and disappointments as just challenges. Approach them with positive determination to overcome them. To possess that positive determination, you must look and see clearly beyond the problem. Be inspired by the hope beyond the problem and you will be determined to go beyond your problems.

When you face disappointment, do not cry “Why me?” and beg to give up in defeat. Take a moment first to see what the day will look like beyond the disappointment. Be determined not to allow the disappointment to persist longer than necessary. Take a positive approach and be the triumphant person you truly are for success.

Your finest moments will most likely occur when you face your greatest challenges, obstacles, and problems. Amid discomfort and disappointment, you will reveal that you are stronger, more determined, more flexible, innovative and creative than any difficult circumstance you encounter. If suffering from PTSD, go forward despite the problems, be inspired beyond the problem, and prove who you are.

“Et lux in tenebris lucet….. – and the light shineth in the darkness.”

It’s time to change the narrative.  It’s time to let your life be the inspiration