By James Ryan, Editor-in-Chief

Every time I think about negative energy, I always fall back on that famous quote from the movie, “Return of the Jedi.” Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are battling it out with Lightsabers, and when Luke is about to be defeated, Vader clinching his fist says, “Luke, if you only knew the power of the Dark Side!” Negative energy is an extremely powerful, and destructive energy. It is an energy that is highly addictive, and when one gravitates towards negativity, negative people, and negative situations continue to show-up in one’s life. Negativity, attracts more negativity. Have you ever walked into a room full of people where no one has said one word, but you can feel that everyone in the room is angry or frustrated about something? You knew something did not feel right, because you could fully sense the negativity. It permeated deep inside of your intuition, without any verbal or physical verification.

We currently live in a negative world. Bad news sells. Most news stories on the Mainstream Media are stories that are related to tragedy, fear, suspicion, and sadness. Even the weather reporter will tell you that there is a 10% chance of rain, when instead, could tell us all that there is a 90% chance of sunshine!

Military Veterans are subjected to negative energy often, whether in training or in combat. As with radiation overexposure, being constantly exposed to negativity, can cause people to become overly cynical or just jaded. Although our military works through, and creates a wide array of developmental initiatives with partnered agencies, and organizations, and furthermore assisting through humanitarian outreach programs, most its focus is on destruction. Depending on your job position in our Armed Forces, planning, preparation, resources, training, research and development, are all areas driven towards finding more efficient ways to destroy and kill enemies of the United States. Recruiters will often shy away from these kinds of conversations with new service-member prospects, and instead will talk about all the benefits and incentives that come with joining our military. Understanding the nature of negative energy, and then assessing how much exposure you have, could be critical to any type of real positive change, and recovery in your life.

Negative energy is something we must deal with often. The important thing is how one responds to it. “Is the glass half full, or half empty?” Life is unfair, for sure, but going forward what is your plan for combating negativity, especially when you are aware of its destructive nature? One of the techniques I use, when I can sense fear, anxiety, or just people surrounding me with poor attitudes, is Captain America with his magnificent shield. Internally I use the mantra, “Shields.” I visualize that shield Captain America uses, and I continue to repeat this word to myself over, and over again. This helps me, but something else might work for you. I am by no means stating that one should avoid issues or problems that are negative, but I do believe that you must find different methods in approach in combating negativity when it just seems like everything around you is negative, and people are constantly complaining. Remember, how you react to negative people and situations is completely up to you. You are in total control over your perceptions, and attitude. “Is the glass half full, or half empty?”

You decide………