I’m a Desert Storm vet. I spent one tour then got out. I was stationed in Germany
then deployed to the middle East. I saw the cold war fall ant this new era arise in
my time in service. I got injured in all that. I have my VA disability. When I go to
the VA I see all you guys coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. I have some regrets
we didn’t enter all that in Desert Storm. I’ve had a hard time getting through the
years after that. I got divorced. My youngest daughter is not talking to me anymore.
I probably drink too much. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I take medication
for that. I have lived with the burden for decades before I was diagnosed with it.
It has caused me a lot of trouble. I have DUI’s and a broken family. My family
before was not much so I miss being part of my brotherhood in my Army service. If
you’re like me, and you struggle with identity after the big stuff that follows, I
hear you. I’m on a path to make myself whole again. You can do this too.

23….that’s a big number. I can tell you that you don’t have to go there! Stay with me
and find the path that makes you whole again. YOU want this, your family wants this,
your kids want this, your friends want this. Look around and find help! Come talk to
service members that have similar experience. YOU are not alone. We want good things
for YOU! Reach out. Don’t worry about what you might be going through. Share that
hard stuff where it will be understood and not judged. You can do this!

I went to a retreat and shared the hurt and pain with some great brothers. I’m reconnecting with
my daughter. My hope is restored. I’m working on healthy relationships. I’ve got a
positive outlook on life after reaching out for help. Wherever you are, whatever you
have done, no matter what you see around you, I care about you and think about you.
Please, get some help. It’s Ok. We had a support system around us in the service.
There is one after. Go after it. It’s up to you. We can’t help if you don’t reach
out. Let’s do this together!