Jason Pollard

Jason Pollard is the founder of the Band of Metal Brothers, a Non-Profit Veteran Organization focused on helping those affected by PTSD, Depression, Suicide, and more, through the healing qualities of music.

I was born and raised in the Motor City, but I also have deep roots in the eastern Kentucky and Tennessee mountains, where I spent the later part of my life. I joined the Army in 2004, honorably serving our great Country for 12 years, before being medically retired in 2016. I had a very exciting and fulfilling career as a Forward Observer and Joint Fires Observer, getting stationed in Baumholder, Germany, as well as Fort Riley, Kansas, where I was retired as a Sergeant First Class. I have been on 4 combat deployments, for a total of 48 months, during both the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, as well as Inherent Resolve.

Upon retirement, I moved from Fort Riley to Kansas City to enjoy the big city life and be closer to Kansas City’s flourishing music scene. Although I had some prior home recording experience, I decided I wanted to use my GI Bill, for a quality, formal education, to further this dream of helping Vets like me. I am currently attending Full Sail University to attain my Bachelor’s of Science in Audio Engineering, and then my Masters in Internet Marketing.

Upon graduation, Band of Metal Brothers (B.O.M.B.) Studio will go from the basement, to a full-blown Pro Audio studio, with lessons for those who want to learn, providing donated instruments and Instructors, to those in need, music camps where Veterans can come together and bond over music and a campfire, even record their own Demo’s as their music progresses, and anything else having to do with music.

This is a multi-faceted program, flexible enough to give help to those dealing with a broad range of issues brought on from War, and life thereafter. Band of Metal Brothers Studio will also offer competitive studio and production needs, to everyone, not just Veterans, in order to have the revenue to give these Veteran’s what they truly deserve, a happier and more productive life, just as I have attained through music. So not only can you come to our studio and record with some talented Vets and have fun while doing so, you are directly helping them, because all proceeds go directly to this program and their welfare. That is the joy of a Non-Profit Organization, and it will stay that way. Thanks for checking us out! Don’t forget to share our story, so we can reach as many of those in need as possible! Thank you for checking us out!