After getting scuffed up in Afghanistan in 08 while serving as a 13F with Task Force
No Mercy I came home and lost everything.  I lost my health, my family, my home, and
my sense of worth… eventually even hope…
Physical disability, invasive memories, isolation, divorce, estrangement from my
kids – the general stew of misery.

This struggle lasted for way too long.  I finally attended a 6 week inpatient
program at the North Hampton MA VA and turned the corner.  The process was slow but
persistence and a warrior commitment to bettering my life have made all the
difference.  I live off grid, raise cattle, and attend university full time studying
studio art.

My days are happy and I feel strong and fulfilled in life again.  It’s been three
years of daily work – the best work I could do.
Stand strong!  DO NOT QUIT!!  As the old saying goes, ‘what one man can do, another
can do!’.