My journey brought me into the Military in 1984, then I left due to the political environment in 1993, after 911 happened I returned to the Military for an addition 16 years. Once I returned to the Infantry after my 9 year break, I deployed 5 times, I was reclassified due to many things, where I left the Infantry to become a Mobility NCO at the Brigade and Division level. It was at this level that I made the decision that when I retired, I would not work for anyone else, during my nine year break I had learned many things about business, I even owned one.

I started working on my business plan while in staff jobs, I knew I had to bring something to the market place that was not there, I also knew I was going to make sure it was a place for all service members to go, relax and be among other service members, a place where they had fellow vets to talk to, a place they could call theirs any time for any reason, so we did.

Started with a smaller ideas, to get to this place, first was coffee shops, then delis, (crawl-walk RUN) then came the one we had been working towards, SARGES” GRILL. We put the apostrophe on the outside of the name, for it means ALL SERGEANTS! A placed dedicated to serving those who serve! In the past four years of being open in Fountain Colorado, right outside of Fort Carson, we have hosted more than I can count, Hail & Farewells, Re Enlistments, Company Parties, Stetson breaks and all kind of retirement parties. It has and always will be a humbling experience to see all the Military come in and be at home at Sarges’.

Our business plan is to have many Sarges’ Grills near many Posts, wherein each one is ran and operated by a retired Service member, I believe we can help each other in ways no other people can, we speak the same language and understand leadership in ways many do not. We are opening our second location here in Colorado Springs, near the Air Force bases in Feb 2018.