Disclaimer: I am not perfect, but merely trying to be better each day.

After joining the Army in 1998 straight out of High School, I was immediately
exposed to a whole new world. The diversity of people I met and the cultures that
come along with all the newfound friendships where very exciting. I have gained the
respect and love of many friends throughout my years of service. However, through
those years, I have been exposed to a lot of hardships, troublesome, and awful
situations propelled from the day-to-day life of being a soldier. Not fully aware on
how the implication of being directly involved would play to my state of mind and
character, I often suffered. The fallout of being emerged with such adversities
often led me drowning my mind and body with the poison of alcohol. The effects of
doing so recently exposed that I have been living a fake life. Often, appearing to
be prepared, focused, and committed to my life, but at the same time hiding my sins
and pain from those that loved and knew me best.

In 2014, I found Team Red, White, and Blue; also known as Team RWB after seeing
countless photos on a friend’s Facebook page. The endless Facebook posts sparked my
curiosity as to what Team RWB was all about. So, I simply “Google” searched Team RWB
and instantly I was hooked after reading the Team’s Mission statement: ‘To enrich
the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through
physical and social activity.” Upon joining Team RWB in 2014, I have been surrounded
with some of the most supported, encouraging and uplifting positive focused people.
From the spirit of the team, I have learned to redirect difficulties that I may
experience in my daily walk with the involvement of positive focused activities.
Sometimes I fail, but I am quickly reminded of how tremendously helpful it is to be
in such a supportive environment, where encouragement is continued to be offered to

So, when I wake up in the morning I remind myself that I am a man of faith, a
father, a husband, a soldier with battle scars, but most importantly a child of God.
Making everyday a day to be better than the last. Therefore, I chose to call upon
the positives of life to push me forward, and look past the negatives as a reminder
that I have already endured that suffering. I chose to LIVE. I AM 23!